Weekend Shenanigans

After a long and well, stressful week in the office, I am very much looking forward to some home/studio time this weekend.  Objectives are to clean out studio and get rid of things I know I am not ever going to use. The word "artist" is synonymous with "hoarder," it seems, because my studio is full of some wacky shit. And oh my god I love organizing and getting spaces ready to be used. I think it's therapeutic on some level?

In addition to housekeeping/nsting activies, I have a number of projects I'm working on.  I want to knock out the first wave of wood commissions I have received (thank you!) and get some more progress done on this piece that's been in the works FOR FREAKING FOREVER.



I'm also participating in Yay! LA Magazine's Horror Movie a Day project come this October.  It's a fun little doodley dad where they feature a (or several) sketch/art piece based on a horror movie every day of the month. I picked Ringu, and then realized that I had only seen the American version of the film and that I should probably watch the Japanese version before starting. So that's on the list too!


What are you guys doing this weekend?