When Did June Get Here?

I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around the fact that it is June already.  How is 2015 half over already? That should not even be possible. 

And with that...I'm turning 30 in under two weeks! Holy freaking cow guys. Time flies when you are over 21.  

Well, I am certainly going to be kicking off my 30's with much in the way of fanfare and even an art show!  Come check out new work and and the work of Ronald Walker, Kevin Wilhite, Camilo Valencia, Rachel Perez, and Brendon Holland-Morrison at Fe Gallery on June 13th (which is also the last day of my 20's!).  Fe Galley is also metal studio/smithy, and they will be having blacksmith demonstrations throughout the night.  They have a brilliant workspace going on, and the metal demos are always a hoot to watch. So swing by and say hello!   

I'm going to keep this short - so much to do and so very little time - but I will end with gratuitous in progress photos of work that I will have at the gallery.  Hope to see you there! 


Don't forget to come see all of the finished work  And say hello to me!