Progress Shots of Star Stuff and the Importance of Reading Thoroughly

I am getting better at progress hot!  Here are a few for "We Are Made of Star Stuff"


I usually get in a monochromatic base painting to establish values. I like to use burnt sienna, because it establishes a nice warm undertone that will show up throughout the rest of the piece.  


Now I have established the base painting for the water area.  I wanted to Bring in oil paints for this part, but I was unsure about putting them directly onto paper, so I made an acrylic layer to once again establish the values that I wanted.  I cannot emphasis the importance of taking the time with a base painting.  Working out values and stuff early on allows you to work out any trouble spots before you are super committed in your work, and the more time you take with your base layer, the quicker the rest of the piece goes.  


Okay, I apologize for bad phone pictures. One of these days I'd like to invest in an actual camera that takes pictures of some quality, but that's not quite in the budget yet. 

Anyway, you can see here that I have started working on the tentacles.  For those guys I used prismacolor colored pencils to shade them in a bit before doing the line work with a red gel pen. After adding more colors to the face and body I have started me pen work with a ball point pen, and the water has its first layer of oils. 


And then we uh, jump ahead quite a bit apparently.  This is nearly finished,  All of the penwork has been completed and I am happy with the tones in the water.  The water was super challenging for me, and I really looking forward to painting more of it.  


And done!  There is no better feeling than wrapping up something you have been working on for a hot minute, and then peeling that tape off.  So clean!  So sharp!  Boom!  Love it.  

In other news, My piece "In the Spring I Shed my Skin" was accepted into the Placer Arts League Juried Show, which was super exciting.  I have been meaning to get involved in the local art community, and this is my first step in doing that.  I always get a little anxious with this kind of stuff, and the ever present self-doubt seems to get a little bit louder.  But I am always really happy with myself when I follow through. Hooray!


Anyways, the show opens on Wednesday, July 9th, which is very different from the July 2nd date that i initially gave out on facebook.  If you are one of the people that came last Wednesday, I am so, so sorry.  You are such a trooper.  This is why reading the event postcards thoroughly before telling people stuff is really important, so they don't drive really far in this valley heat to get to a locked up building.  Because that isn't a lot of fun.  Thank you to the people that did try to come, and I promise the real event opening is this Wednesday. 

Lastly, my friends and I on the Freeflow Women's Parkour Demo team have made a fun parkour/adventure blog that you should go check out.  We all come from a variety of physical backgrounds, and we are hoping to build a community of female adventurer types.  So please do go check it out! I just threw up a post about my three years of barefooting.

I hope you have all been well, and happy Independence Day!

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt